Our goal is to provide you with a healthy puppy that will give you joy for years to come.  Please take your new puppy to the vet within one week of purchase.  If your vet finds a structural or genetic problem that cannot be remedied, please have him/her write us a letter of explanation.  We will gladly replace your puppy or refund your money.  This guarantee does not cover accidents or problems that can be cured, such as worms, fungal infections, or diseases that your puppy has contracted from other animals after it has left our care.  We further offer a one year replacemant guarantee for genetic or structural problems.   The purchaser is responsible for returning the dog to us.  We reserve the right to require that you take your puppy/dog to our vet  for evaluation at your expense.  
Eddie and Dorothy Kennedy
283 Due Rd.
Groveton, Texas  75845
Our labradoodles have been featured on TLC's "Quints by Surprise" and in the dog book Rover: the Woof Edition.  All of our puppies are doggy door trained, and we start on their house and crate training.  Their vaccinations and deworming are current, and we guarantee their health.

We sometimes have older dogs available for a small adoption fee.  
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Eddie & Dorothy Kennedy
283 Due Road
Groveton, Texas  75845

Our Previous Litters
Here are pictures of other puppies we have raised.  We have heard nothing but wonderful reports from the new owners about their smart and sweet labradoodles!  These truly are amazing companions.  They shed very little (unlike a lab), and their coats do not need constant cleaning and grooming (unlike a poodle).   They offer the allergy-friendly characteristics of a poodle without the expense and inconvenience of regular trips to a dog groomer.   They have great temperments and are easily trained. 

Mini Doodles

Medium/Standard Labradoodles

Multi-Gen Black
Cream Medium/Standard
We raise medium/standard multi-generation puppies.  Their father is a 30 pound medium, and their mother is a 55 pound standard.  The pictures below are from a previous litter. Please call for availability.
We raise medium multi-generation puppies.  Their father is a 28 pound medium, and their mother is a 30 pound medium.  The pictures below are from a previous litter. Please call for availability.

Medium Labradoodles